What are the challenges of agriculture and energy production?

Food Security

The second goal of the Sustainable Development Goals is Zero Hunger. To achieve this goal, food security is a key factor. However, although agricultural techniques and yields have improved worldwide over the last century, food security still cannot be achieved due to numerous serious challenges.

Food Supply Challenges

With a growing global population and the limited availability of scarce resources, there has been immense pressure on tackling various challenges to the food security.

This includes the availability of arable land, which has been declining due to intensified agricultural activities and climate change. Agriculture is one of the main drivers of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, which exacerbates increasing global average temperature.

More extreme weather events and prolonged water shortages are already threatening reliable crop yields worldwide.

Global Hunger

Since 2014, the number of people affected by hunger globally has been slowly on the rise.

This disproportionally affects the global south, while countries such as the United States and other wealthier nations make up only about two percent of the global total food poverty.

Additionally, the growth of income in Asian and African countries is leading to an increase in consumption of high-value products such as meat and dairy products which in turn results in rising land-use competition and deforestation to grow feed for farm animals.

Global Hunger

Renewable Energies and Food Poverty

Meanwhile, the urgent need to tackle climate change and transition away from fossil fuels has boosted the development of renewable energies, so much so that renewables made up 26.2 percent of global electricity generation in 2018. This share is expected to rise to 45 percent by 2040.

This development is pivotal in order to reduce emissions; however, biomass energy or solar energy will further intensify land-use competition and therewith increase the risk of deforestation and food poverty.

Development of Renewable Energies