What are the challenges of agriculture and energy production?

Land-Use Conflict

The conflict about land-use has exacerbated over the last decades due to a growing demand of energy, food and resources. This has not only severe consequences for precious ecosystem and global biodiversity but also for local population.

Resource Exploitation

Human beings have been increasingly invading untouched ecosystems and exploiting natural resources worldwide in order to satisfy the growing demand for food, energy, and goods.

The way we utilize land and extract resources involves large scale interventions in ecosystems which often provokes irreversible ecological change and results in air, soil, and water pollution.


Nature under Threat

A third of the planet's land is already severely degraded, and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24 billion tons a year.

Moreover, around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, faster than ever before in Earth’s history.

Furthermore, around ten million hectares of forest are cut down globally every year, mostly for agricultural purposes. That is an area the size of Portugal every decade.

Consequences for Society

The increasing degradation of ecosystems as well as the continuing high emissions of greenhouse gases exacerbate the global average temperature and leads to extreme weather events that in turn pose a threat to agricultural yields and ecosystems.

Ultimately, climate change and the increasing land and resource use pressure have already induced armed conflicts, economic disruption, migration movements, and poverty. Thus, intelligent land-use solutions need to be found so that food demand can be met and renewable energies are further implemented while important ecosystems can be protected.

Social Dimension of Ecological Destruction