What are the challenges of agriculture and energy production?

Power Supply

A reliable energy supply is one of the most important pillars for the functioning of global society. Yet even today, millions of people do not have access to a reliable energy supply. At the same time, energy production is closely linked to environmental degradation, climate change and social conflicts.

Renewable energies could have the potential to address these challenges.

Importance of Energy Provision

The history of human society is closely linked to the evolution of energy utilization since energy is one of the most basic criteria needed to sustain people’s daily lives.

Energy poverty refers to a situation in which it is difficult for people to obtain adequate, affordable, reliable, high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly energy services to live a decent life and is widespread in all regions of the world.

In Europe, about 50 million to 125 million people living in energy poverty. In the underdeveloped regions of Asia and Africa, more than half of the total population lives in energy poverty. If effective measures are not taken to mitigate energy poverty, there will be approximately 2.5 billion people in the world who will not have access to clean and reliable energy and can only rely on traditional biomass energy as their daily energy source by 2030.

Importance of Energy

Environmental Challenges

Energy poverty not only affects health and happiness of residents but also hinders the sustainable development of economy and environment.

Reducing energy poverty has strong interlinkages with addressing environmental challenges. On the one hand, addressing air and climate problems by shifting to renewable energy could increase the utility bill for low-income families and drives up energy poverty. On the other hand, renewable energy technologies might also provide a local and decentralized solution for energy poverty in rural areas.

With the implementation of renewable energies in rural areas, farmers for example could become more independent from rising fossil fuel prices while contributing to climate protection.

Energy Mining