What are the challenges of agriculture and energy production?


Human-induced climate change and environmental degradation pose the greatest global threat to humanity's survival. To address them, society must act quickly, both globally and locally which is an immense challenge.

Climate Adaption

Society is facing unprecedented challenges on a global scale. Humans’ capability – predominantly in poorer countries – to adapt to changing climate and environmental conditions is very likely to be drastically diminished, leading to severe economic and social suffering.

To mitigate this, international as well as local cooperation is pivotal to transform the waywe produce energy, move, consume, and shape the local and global economy. While profound transformations of society have historically taken place over centuries, the time frame to protect the natural world and global climate is limited to the next two decades. Thus, change must happen quickly.

However, this transformation should not override democratic principles and societal legitimation due to its pressing imperative.

Climate Change

Resource Decoupling

A sustainable transformation requires that progress towards a more sophisticated, technological, and wealthier society in which the global average living standard raises, does not result in continuing ecological destruction, resource scarcity, and increasing climate change.

Societal progress needs to become decoupled from resource extraction and instead incorporate the value of nature conservation as a foundation of progress.

Climate Justice

Moreover, transformation subjects such as the transition to renewable energies should not perpetuate or create new social, ecological, or economical injustices worldwide but rather, should be leveraged to dismantle any form of discrimination.

This demands that technologically advanced and wealthy countries that bear the majority of historical emissions, ecological destruction, and that have the power to shape future economies need to make great efforts to invest in a climate-neutral and just society and economy.

Climate Justice