Connecting Agrivoltaics Worldwide

AiDO: Agrivoltaics International Discussion Group

The Agrivoltaics International Discussion Group (AiDO) is a working group that brings together researchers, experts from industry and institutions active in the field of agri-photovoltaics to discuss and work together on various topics of a sustainable combination of agriculture and photovoltaics.

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Expanding the Shared Knowledge Base

AiDO was conceived during the AgriVoltaics2020 Conference and has since strengthened cooperation and knowledge sharing in the field of agrivoltaics. The collaboration aims to accelerate the development and optimization of Agri-Photovoltaics and expand the common knowledge base.

Since September 2021, several meetings of AiDO have taken place to discuss topics from the three main pillars of agrivoltaics: energy, food, landscape. The group organizes itself through a steering committee and the clustering of topics into discussion groups (DGs). Currently, there are four AiDO DGs, and active linkages to agrivoltaics lecture series of other organizations.

In October 2021, the International Energy Agency (PVPS Task13) recognized AiDO to collaborate in the work period between 2022-2025 for knowledge sharing.

If you are interested to become a member, please register to AiDO portal.


Discussion Groups

DG 1: modeling, light and crop growth simulations, synergy PV and Crop

DG 2: social aceptance, regulation, business models, biodiversity, life cycle assessment

DG3: global agrivoltaics database, crop repository, microclimate, monitoring

DG4: PV greenhouses, landscape aspects, soil enhancement, sector coupling, storage

AiDo Contact

AiDO aims to be a community of persons interested in agrivoltaics and is not linked to a specific organisation.

Contributions are on a voluntary basis, and AiDO does not fund activities.

Within the AiDO DGs, webinar presentations with Q&A can be held, specific topics can be proposed and there is space for free discussion. Self-governing structure within the DGs is aimed by the help of the active participation of the members.

For the agrivoltaics community, a website has been created based on the wiki concept.

Early 2022, there are over 150 members that have access to documents, information about meetings and links to external events.

If you are interested to become a member, please register to AiDO portal.