Synergies through dual land use.

Protection of agricultural land and yields

Agrivoltaics-systems have a better land use efficiency.

Thus, with agrivoltaics competition for land-use can be reduced while ensuring the expansion of solar energy and preserving valuable soils at the same time.

In addition, agrivoltaics-systems can protect agricultural crops from extreme weather events.

Defusing the land-use conflict

In order to achieve the climate protection targets, photovoltaics will be the most important pillar of energy supply alongside wind power.

The expansion of ground-mounted systems could play a key role in this, but will meet with massive resistance from the population, because in addition to advancing urbanization, the ground-mounted systems are also competing for land, such as farmland and meadows.

Agrivoltaic-systems could be pivotal to reduce the competition for land and to ensure the expansion of solar energy while at the same time preserving valuable soils.


Agrivoltaics replaces crop protection measures

To meet the challenges of climate change and protect crops from extreme weather and pests, crop protection measures such as hail nets are increasingly used in agriculture.

These agricultural protection structures can be partially or even completely replaced by an agrivoltaic-systems.

The extent to which agrivoltaics can take over the protective function in fruit growing is currently being investigated as part of the "APV fruit growing" project in Rhineland-Palatinate and in the "Agrivoltaics model region Baden-Württemberg".

PV-Module ersetzen Hagelschutznetze

Stabilization of yields in agrivoltaics-systems

The results of the research project in Heggelbach show that partial shading resulting from the modules causes a slightly changed microclimate under the modules.

This can have a yield-stabilizing effect, especially during periods of drought.

Other Agri-PV systems in the USA and North America confirm these results and additionally show lower water consumption.

IMG_1221 Heggelbach © Fraunhofer ISE.JPG