Synergies through dual land use.

Technical Synergies

The combination of solar power generation and agriculture creates advantages on both sides.

Placing solar panels over agricultural land also makes sense from a purely technical perspective, because the efficiency of the modules can be increased by the changed conditions in an agrivoltaic-system. At the same time, land use efficiency is improved.

PV modules benefit from microclimate

PV modules are very sensitive to heat.

If the temperature exceeds 25 °C, the efficiency of conventional photovoltaic modules decreases.

Thus, due to climate change, increased average temperatures as well as extreme hot summers have a negative effect on the efficiency of solar power generation.

Recent studies show that PV modules in an agrivoltaics-system heat up significantly less than modules in a conventional ground-mounted system.

The plants underneath the system evaporate water and create a microclimate that cools the backs of the modules.

PV modules generate energy on the front and back side

Another synergy between PV-technology and agriculture can be achieved by the use of bifacial modules.

This special type of module allows solar power to be generated on the front as well as the back of the modules, producing higher energy yields than in conventional PV modules.

The higher and further apart bifacial modules are installed, the more light can reach the back side.